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A Commitment to Success!

Current Mentors

Alaika Valera

Peer Mentor and Lead Instructor 

4th Year, Political Science and Psychology Major

Hometown: Merced, CA

Fun Fact: Used to own three goats: Bubbles, Buttercup, and Blossom

Career Aspiration: Business Lawyer

Amy Pimentel

Peer Mentor and Web Development

4th Year, Public Health Major, NSED Minor

Hometown: Pasadena, CA

Fun Fact: Is a proud dog mom

Career Aspiration: Infectious Disease Epidemiologist

Arturo Raudales

Peer Mentor and Logistics Coordinator

4th Year, English Major 

Hometown: Echo Park, LA, CA

Fun Fact: Enjoys cooking and coming up with new recipes to make

Career Aspiration: Student Affairs/ Higher Education.Interested in working with students of color

Brooke Wilson

Peer Mentor 

3rd Year, Human Biology Major, Spanish Minor

Hometown: Fairfax, CA

Fun Fact: Has five siblings!

Career Aspiration: Pediatrician/ Family Practioner

Daniel Juan

Peer Mentor

4th Year, Management and Business Economics Major

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Fun Fact: I can juggle

Career Aspiration: Restaurant/Business Owner 

Espy Lemus

Peer Mentor 

3rd Year, Sociology Major and Spanish Minor

Hometown: San Fernando, CA

Fun Fact: Loves to spend time outdoors with nature!

Career Aspiration: Plans on pursuing a law career in Environmental

Law to contribute to polcies that protect the planet and communities.

Harweese Marshall

Peer Mentor and Lead Peer Instructor 

4th Year, Management and Business Economics Major

Hometown: Antioch, CA

Fun Fact: Does not have one

Career Aspiration: Human Resouces

Izza Belle Ygnalaga

Peer Mentor and Instructor 

3rd Year, Cognitive Science, and Psychology Major, Public Health Minor

Hometown: Napa, CA

Fun Fact: Became part of the student advisory board for iAIM EDU this past summer

Career Aspiration: Research specifically in mental illnesses and work with patients at state hospitals

Jose Garcia-Guerrero

Peer Mentor and Instructor 

3rd Year, Psychology Major

Hometown: Merced, CA

Fun Fact: Has two pet dogs and a cow

Career Aspiration: Interested in Health field

Justin Naidu

Peer Mentor 

3rd Year, Sociology and Public Health Major

Hometown: Fairfield, CA

Fun Fact: Loves to play Animal Crossing!

Career Aspiration: Public Health Research

Keiry Adali Rodriguez Serrano  

Peer Mentor 

3rd Year, Public Health and Psychology Major

Hometown: Mendota, CA

Fun Fact: Was born in Honduras

Career Aspiration: School counselor

Guadalupe Vazquez

Peer Mentor and Instructor

3rd Year, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies 

Hometown: Mountain View, CA

Fun Fact: Accidentally shaved her left eyebrow off when she was ten-years old! 

Career Aspiration: Interested in helping marginalized communities through social work, research, and activism 

Mary Baltazar

Peer Mentor and Lead Instructor 

4th Year, Mechanical Engineering Major

Hometown: North Hollywood, CA 

Fun Fact: A Beyoncé stan

Career Aspiration: Aerospace engineer at NASA

Melanie Friz

Peer Mentor and Instructor, Events Coordinator 

3rd Year, Sociology Major

Hometown: San Fernando Valley, CA 

Fun Fact: Loves being outdoors

Career Aspiration: Social worker

Orlando Gillam III

Peer Mentor and Instructor, Media Coordinator

5th Year, Psychology Major

Hometown: Houston, TX

Fun Fact: Lived in Japan

Career Aspiration: Neuropsychologist  

Paula Izaguirre Salguero

Peer Mentor

4th Year, Public Health Major, Psychology Minor

Hometown: Mountain View, Ca

Fun Fact: Loves cooking and running 

Career Aspiration: Wants to pursue a career in nursing

Steaven Guiterrez Guerrero

Peer Mentor

4th Year, Psychology Major, Sociology and GASP Minor

Hometown: Los Banos, CA

Fun Fact: Love to paint, and created a bussiness with his passion

Career Aspiration: Counselor

Sumaiyah Hossain

Peer Mentor

4th Year, Pychology Major and Writing Minor

Hometown: Sacramento

Fun Fact: Is running her first DND campaign and it is alot of fun.

Career Aspiration: Therapist or a social worker.

Victoria Rico

Peer Mentor and Instructor 

4th Year, Political Science Major

Hometown: Anaheim, CA

Fun Fact: Has dyed her hair every single color of the rainbow!

Career Aspiration: Student Affairs, especially low-income and first-generation student programs

Yesenia Ramirez Sigala

Peer Mentor and Lead Peer Instructor

4th Year, Sociology Major

Hometown: Ceres, CA

Fun Fact: Loves watching the Merced sunsets

Career Aspiration: Student Affairs, especially low-income and first-generation student programs