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SMP History

Success Mentor Program Timeline



2007-2008 Funded by a Title V Grant through the U.S. Department of Education, the Peer Mentoring Program was established through the Center for Research on Teaching Excellence. Twenty-nine mentors served more than 100 mentees.
2008-2009 With the support of UC Merced's Summer Bridge Program, 29 mentors served 206 mentees.
2009-2010 This year served 274 mentees with 36 mentors.
2010-2011 This year served 215 mentees with 38 mentors.
2011-2012 Now situated within the Calvin E. Bright Success Center, and funded in part by a gift from the Bright Foundation, the program was scaled back to 12 mentors who mentored about 60 mentees.
2012-2013 After undergoing a revision process, the program was renamed the Success Mentor Program. Twenty-three mentors served 140 mentees.
2013-2014 This year served 216 mentees with 33 mentors.
2014-2015 This year served 192 mentees with 31 mentors.
2015-2016 This year served 174 mentees with 30 mentors.
2016-2017 There were 27 mentors this year.
2018-2019 This year served 190 mentees with 27 mentors.
2019-2020 This year served 198 mentees with 32 mentors.
2020-2021 Due to COVID-19 the program was scaled back to 15 mentors who served 121 mentees.