Mark Vidensek on Class Preparation

Come to Class Prepared

“Success in Chemistry requires preparation for lectures and discussion. I recommend that you briefly preview the pertinent posted PowerPoint lecture slides and briefly read the proposed lecture material in the text prior to lecture and discussion; please see the tentative weekly schedule in the posted course syllabus. This will help you anticipate and participate in lectures and discussion by asking questions and taking more thorough notes.

There must also be a follow-up effort such as rewriting your lecture and discussion notes and adding to them, reviewing the posted PowerPoint lecture slides, reworking the numerous calculations demonstrated during lecture and discussion as well as in the text, thoroughly reading the text pertaining to the lecture material and attending office hours with prepared questions. This may sound redundant, but repetition is critical.

In closing, I wish to express that the final course grade you will receive will be the grade you will have earned for yourself through your efforts. I wish you every success this semester!”

- Mark Vidensek