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SMP hosts various workshops, in addition to events, throughout the year that engages both mentors and mentees!
The SMP has undergone significant changes in its seven years of existence.

SMP Workshops/Events

SMP About Our Mentees!

The Success Mentor Program is now part of College Reading & Learning Association's IMTPC!

A Commitment to Success!

The mission of the Success Mentor Program is to empower first-year students to develop strategies and skills that will advance academic, intrapersonal and interpersonal development through one-on-one mentoring. 

Calvin E. Bright Success Center
Kolligian Library, 222


 Coordinator | Stephanie Garcia

Fall 2019 Applications Open!

If you're going to be a new student at UC Merced for the 2019-2020  academic year, consider joining the Success Mentor Program!

Through SMP you:

  • Receive 1:1 mentorship from a successful  student
  • Are invited to exclusive events and activities
  • Recceive resources and information specifically designed to help you through your first-year at UC Merced

For more information, or, to apply click here!